New Member Mentoring

The mission of the Emiquon Corps of Discovery is to tell the story of Emiquon through the observation and creative documentation of the changes in the Emiquon landscape  and to share that documentation with others; “to analyze with the mind of a scientist, to see with the eyes of an artist and to speak with the words of a poet.”

As an ECD mentor, your responsibilities include:

  • Introducing your mentee to the property and observation areas and any current rules of limitations.
  • Explaining TNC background and philosophy regarding Emiquon in general and Emiquon Corps of Discovery in particular.
  • Introducing them to other ECD members and key people in the various partnership organizations.
  • Insuring that they sign a liability waiver in order to explore and observe The Nature Conservancy’s Emiquon Preserve and make sure it is turned in to the TNC office or a staff member.
  • Insuring that they receive an ECD window cling for their vehicle to identify them on TNC property outside the Visitor Use Area.
  • Explaining the informational documents in the ECD binder they receive and review the tools included there, along with possible avenues to share their observations.
  • Explaining the four part video training series.
  • As a prospective member completes each of the four sections of the training series, accompanying them on an observation at Emiquon.
  • Share with them the wonder that is Emiquon and the ever changing landscape.

Guests are always welcome to attend Emiquon activities when accompanied by a member. A waiver must be signed and turned into the TNC office for any outdoor activities on the property.

For more information on the Emiquon Corps of  Discovery and activities contact Michelle Quinones at